Not a Bathroom Bikes in the Toilet

Toilet Advice. Thats right. Dont stand over the bikes and relieve yourself. Seriously, was this actually a problem?

Pond Advice How To Avoid Getting Boiled

Boiling Pond. Yes, that is fairly good advice. The water is so hot, if you fall in you will be boiled. That means that you could die. I wonder though, if the water is so hot, can we do our cooking there. Lets see how long it takes to boil an egg.

Danger Not So Bottomless Pit

Bottomless Pit? If it was a bottomless pit, what comes after the 65 feet? Or is that the affectionate name for the pit? Strange.

Text Books and Cows For Sale Store

Books and Cows. Not many stores specialise in text books and cows. Where do they keep the cows, in the aisles with all the books? I wonder if they have any text books ABOUT cows. Now that would be interesting.

How Long is Big John in the Bathroom?

Big John not so long. Long John? Not as long as you think he is. So stand a whole lot closer please. It saves us having to clean up your mess.

How to Be A Sweetie in the Toilet

Sprinkle and Tinkle. Thats just some good advice for when you use the bathroom. I think that this one applies mainly to men, yes? They are the ones that make the most mess.

Bad English MP Player

Bad English. Need an MP3 Prayer? Is that an MP3 Player that doesnt work unless you pray? But which God should i be praying to? The God of Electronics. Sony.

Big Pointy Ears Traffic Sign

Pointy Ears Sign. Watch out for the guy with pointy ears, and give way to him. Unfortunate that this guy was standing here!